Escape the vicious cycle
of reactive maintenance

  • Simple 4-part framework to create a Reliable Plant
  • No major upfront investments
  • Implement with your team, not consultants

Are you stuck in a reactive maintenance environment?

If so, you and your team might be struggling with:

  • Insufficient people and budget
  • Low productivity
  • High maintenance costs
  • Too many repeat failures
  • A lack of leadership support
  • Feeling stressed and undervalued

It's time to improve your reliability!

Increase Production & Profit

Increase Production & Profit

When you increase your plant’s reliability, you increase uptime and thus production. Increase your production and you increase company profit. Suddenly the world
becomes a better place.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

That increase in profit due to improved reliability is bigger than just the production gain, because Reliable Plants operate at lower costs. Less things break and without the reactive fire fighting there is less waste.
Improve Safety

Improve Safety

Experience shows that reliable plants are
safer too. Fewer unexpected events and better planned work leads to a more stable working environment with fewer surprises, fewer incidents and better safety.

Become Less Reactive

Become Less Reactive

With more reliable equipment and a more stable working environment you can focus on proactive activities and really drive continuous improvement.
Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

With less call-outs and reduced fire-fighting, stress reduces, moral improves and your workforce is simply more motivated to do a good job.
Great ROI

Great ROI

But the best news? Improving plant reliability requires relatively small investments and offers excellent return on investment (ROI).

Introducing: The Road to Reliability Framework™

Most frameworks for improving reliability are unnecessarily complex.
We created a simple, proven framework with just 4 Essential Elements:

Increase your maintenance workforce by 35% without hiring anyone. Reduce costs, improve safety and increase morale.

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80% of failures that occur in a plant have occured before. Fix them forever and stop forever fixing

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40% – 60% of PMs add little value. Learn how to eliminate them to reduce work-load, reduce costs and increase uptime.

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70% of change initiatives fail. Without Leadership you’ll get nowhere. Without Culture you won’t sustain anything.

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We Get It

It’s tough to escape that vicious cycle of reactive maintenance. Our founder learned how to do this the hard way.

We now teach this through our Reliability Academy, so you don’t have to figure this out on your own. In fact, we have:

  • helped 100+ companies
  • trained 1000+ industry professionals
  • across 50+ countries
  • in all major industries

Enable Your Team To:

bullet-check   Escape the vicious cycle of

     reactive maintenance

bullet-check  Improve Reliability

bullet-check  Eliminate repeat failures 

bullet-check  Reduce costs

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Train your team

You will only ever be as good as your team. Invest in them!

Create a Reliable Plant

Drive improvements with your own team, not consultants

Educating your team is key to your success

We offer world-class maintenance and reliability online training courses available anywhere, anytime. Completely on demand, so your team can learn at their own pace. We teach your team not only what they need to know, but also how to implement it in your organisation using our proven implementation frameworks so that you get a solid ROI on your investment.

Implementing Maintenance
Planning & Scheduling

Learn what maintenance planning & scheduling is, how it creates value in an industrial environment and how to successfully implement it.

We offer courses on Maintenance Planning & Scheduling tailored to those leading an implementation, practitioners like planners and schedulers, managers, and frontline staff.

Developing and
Improving Preventive
Maintenance Programs

Learn how to develop or improve your Preventive Maintenance program using the principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) so you can achieve higher reliability with less maintenance.

We will offer this course on Preventive Maintenance in versions tailored to practitioners, managers, and frontline staff

Implementing Defect
Elimination & Root
Cause Analysis

Learn the powerful principles of Defect Elimination and Root Cause Analysis and how to implement both in your organisation. Learn how to fix forever, and stop forever fixing.

We offer courses on Defect Elimination and Root Cause Analysis tailored to those leading an implementation, practitioners like planners and schedulers, managers, and frontline staff.

Leading Maintenance &
Reliability Improvement

Aimed at maintenance managers with a strong technical background, this course teaches leaders how to develop, sell and implement maintenance and reliability improvement programs that deliver sustainable results.

There will be a single version of this course aimed at managers around the globe that lead maintenance & reliability teams.

Reliability Success Stories

“We’re always looking for competitive
advantages, more efficiency…”

avatar icon Didier Felice
TIP – Vice-President Mediterranean Region

Road to Reliability’s Maintenance Planning & Shceduling course was deployed across the TIP Trailer Services Network. Transforming maintenance operations & generating a reliability culture that favoured continuous improvement.

Tangible Results:

Get your copy of the
Road to Reliability Framework™
and reduce downtime by 90%

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