Road to Reliability

Increase Your Maintenance Workforce by 35% Without Hiring Anyone

In this presentation, I am going to show you how you can increase the productivity of your existing workforce by 35% by implementing maintenance planning and scheduling.

Your maintenance team will go from being overworked and under-resourced to finally being in control and having time to make more practical improvements.

You will get more work done, you are going to reduce the cost of maintenance, you are going to have fewer equipment failures and you are going to experience the whole lot less stress.

I trust you enjoyed this video on maintenance planning & scheduling allows you to get more work done with fewer people, reduce costs and improve morale.

And if you have any questions about maintenance planning & scheduling, or about the online course that haven’t yet been answered in the video feel free to contact me directly.

Interested, but want to know more?

Find out more about me, Erik Hupje, founder of the Road to Reliability or read more about R2 Reliability the company behind the Road to Reliability.

If you enjoyed the video and want to see some sample lessons from the Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling course then head back to the sample page.


Watched the video, but have some questions? Feel free to ask below or leave a more general comment.

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