How Good is Your Maintenance Planning & Scheduling?

Find out now, and get actionable advice to increase your maintenance productivity, improve safety, reduce stress, and boost morale!

The Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Scorecard

measures your current performance across 6 key areas
and provides you with clear, actionable advice to improve performance

Identify & Prioritise

Prioritisation is essential to creating a stable working environment and improving productivity.


Maintenance Planning is key to effective Planning & Scheduling as it eliminates delays during maintenance jobs.


To drive productivity you need Maintenance Scheduling as scheduling eliminates waste between maintenance jobs.


Effectively managing that execution and ensuring good quality close out of work is key to continuous improvement


Most maintenance jobs are done hundreds to thousands of time over the life of your plant. So imagine the power of continuous improvement!

Process & Leadership

You need a documented planning & scheduling process and supportive leadership to ensure your improvements are sustainable.

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