If your maintenance crew had one EXTRA hour a day

Plenty of maintenance teams struggle to finish their tasks within the day. “We just don’t have enough time to do everything.” So in an effort to catch up, they work long hours.  What’s worse is, that they sacrifice improvement initiatives, self-care, and team building. They lose sight of long-term goals in favor of short-term fixes. […]

Is your preventive maintenance even worth doing?

Research and experience show that up to 60% of Preventive Maintenance (PM) tasks aren’t really adding value — all they do is just take time and money away from your already very limited resource pool. That’s why many PM tasks aren’t really worth doing. Some of the most common reasons for this are: Tasks are […]

How to get more work done faster

Last week, I talked about how different sources of waste are impacting your maintenance performance and your plant’s reliability. This week, let’s get into more detail on how waste is reducing the efficiency of your day-to-day maintenance execution. When you take a look at the Weekly Schedule of your maintenance crew, it will be full […]