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Scheduling As A Continuous Process

This is a free sample from the course Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling.

In this lesson, we’ll discuss why scheduling is a continuous process and I will compare scheduling to a process of a conveyor belt with buckets of work that the scheduler needs to fill. Looking at scheduling like this will help to understand how the continuous development of a frozen weekly schedule works, and how it combines with developing a draft schedule for future weeks.

The Key Points of this lesson are:

Firstly, you need to see Scheduling as a continuous process, which is repeated week after week. Scheduling is like a conveyor belt with buckets of work that the scheduler needs to fill.

And secondly, the scheduling process can only work if the maintenance supervisor and maintenance planner play their parts in the process.

I trust you enjoyed this video on Scheduling as a Continuous Process.

This video is one of the 48 video lessons contained in the course “implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling”.

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