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I'm sharing my proven tools that I've used for decades to assess and improve maintenance planning & scheduling at countless plants around the world.

If it were up to you, there would be no room for inefficiency on your plant floor. You wouldn’t stand for the constant fire fighting and ever-changing priorities.

Nor would you tolerate the inefficiencies that take your team’s attention away from their jobs, creating excess waste and unnecessary stress.

But the shocking reality is that if an outsider took a look at your plant... chances are he’d quickly label it inefficient… and tell you your maintenance practices were far from good practice, let alone best practice we.

Now that might seem harsh… someone who doesn’t know the ins and outs of your plant telling you that you are running inefficiently after a quick glance.

But that is the reality for most plants around the world. And if it seems like no matter how well you plan your workload, things still fall flat… and your team operates under immense pressure... day after day... then the waste and inefficiency is just a fact.

Anyone with some common sense can tell you that racing from fire to fire isn’t a sign of a lean, mean and highly efficient plant… and you’ve likely come to the same conclusion.

The trouble is that knowing your plant is inefficient isn’t enough.

Sure, you can see that things could be running better… but do you know how much better?

Can you point out with precise detail the things that need changing… or are you simply coping with a broken maintenance process day after day, silently hoping that one day things will get better?

Unfortunately, they never do get better by themselves. You need to make it better.


Whenever I’m asked to take a look at a plant I see the same problems over and over again. No mater where in the World

I see an overworked, over-stressed team of maintenance workers that struggle through the day so they can collect a paycheck.

I see a manager that knows things aren’t working as they should but can’t quite put his finger on the problem.

I see a leadership team that expects more efficiency and assumes the organisation simply isn’t “working hard enough”.

But that couldn't be further from the truth.

When things are running at a million miles per minute it’s tough to identify the waste… let alone remove it.

Which is why so many plants operate with maintenance wrench times of 30% or less… often working harder, but achieving much less, than those best-in-class plants that run at 50% productivity.

These world class plants don’t have “top secret” tools or processes.

The only difference between these world-class performers and the average plant out there, is that the top performers were able to identify the flaws in their maintenance systems and they made the necessary changes… and they made them last!


A Straightforward Approach To Assessing The Effectiveness Of Your Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Process

As a Plant manager or Maintenance Manager you should be able to say with absolute certainty that your maintenance planning & scheduling is effective and that you are executing your maintenance with high degrees of efficiency.

And if you can’t... well then you need to know what causes the inefficiencies. And you should have a plan in place to deal with them.

In today's world where management expects your plant to hit targets, dealing with problems as they pop up or “working through” an issue is not going to cut it.

It might keep you afloat in the short-run, but it’s going to cost you and your plant in the long run.

Can you really expect your team to want to work in a plant that’s in a constant state of chaos?

The problems of a broken maintenance planning & scheduling system don’t just disappear because you and your team have started working harder. They simply pop up again a few days or weeks later... and there you go again...

Working in an environment like that is heart breaking. It is soul destroying. It destroys morale.

It is bad for safety...

And it destroys your bottom line.

You see, if your plant’s maintenance team operates at 30% productivity the waste this creates is enough to cost your plant thousands of dollars each and every single day.

Over the course of a year that could be hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in additional costs or lost revenue.

Working harder is not going to resolve that, and bringing in more people to deal with the issue is only going to make it worse.

So what to do?


Luckily there’s an easy way to assess the efficiency of your maintenance teams.

That’s why I’ve created The Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Self-Assessment Tool Kit using a combination of my 20+ years of experience and industry-leading practices.

This toolkit will give you the tools you need to assess the effectiveness of your maintenance planning & scheduling processes.

By understanding where the problems lie you’ll be given a clear picture of what to fix and how to fix it.

Identifying the faults is the first step in getting your plant back on track and this self-assessment tool will give you all the guidance you need.


Here Is A Small Sample Of The Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why maintenance & reliability is the first step in enabling production efficiency.

    A reliable plant will help you achieve higher levels of production boosting profitability without ever compromising on safety… maintenance & reliability is a necessity for every production focused company.

  • The reasons why an ineffective maintenance planning & scheduling process will prevent you from achieving reliability in your plant.

    You need to ensure the right maintenance work is done at the right time… without this, your plant is guaranteed to suffer.

  • The Basic Elements that make up any maintenance planning & scheduling.

    No matter what industry you’re in… these basic elements are crucial for your plant’s maintenance planning and scheduling process.

  • The key difference between planning and scheduling...

    Too many plants misunderstand this difference and it stops them from achieving the maximum return from their planning & scheduling.

  • How to identify your plant’s wrench time…

    In a reactive maintenance organization, the typical wrench time is 30%...for every 10-hour workday, each technician only achieves 3 hours of work.

  • Why a low wrench time can be traced back to your plant’s maintenance planning & scheduling process…

    This is not the fault of your workers!

  • How a typical maintenance organisation can increase its workforce by 35% using effective maintenance planning & scheduling…

    Boost your workforce without hiring any additional workers!

  • How valuable planning & scheduling can be for your organisation…

    Management only cares about the dollar value they stand to gain… This toolkit will help you calculate the monetary value at stake from your maintenance planning & scheduling process.

  • How to use the self-assessment tool in your business to understand the faults of your current maintenance planning & scheduling process.

  • How to structure this new information in a way that will show your management the value of implementing maintenance planning & scheduling in their organisation...

    Once they see what they stand to gain this becomes much easier to do.

Meet Your Partner
in Efficient Maintenance

Erik Hupje

Hi, I am Erik Hupjé, founder of the Road to Reliability™ and I will be your course director.

I have over 20 years’ experience in asset management, and specifically managing maintenance & reliability. And during those years I’ve worked in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, the Sultanate of Oman and Australia. My passion is for continuous improvement and keeping things simple.

Through the Road to Reliability™ I help Maintenance & Reliability professionals around the globe – people like yourself – improve their plant’s reliability and their organisation’s bottom line.

I am a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Practitioner (CMRP), Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) and a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng).

Erik Hupjé

certified reliability leader

Knowing The Symptoms Is Never Enough… You Need To Know The Cause Of These Symptoms… And What It’s Costing Your Plant...

Imagine trying to tell your management team about the fire fighting on the plant floor.

Are they going to trust you based on your “feeling” that things could be better or are they going to take this criticism as a complaint?

Deep down you know that things aren’t your fault… but when management has nothing to base decisions on other than your “bad feelings” it’s not a good look.

Without the numbers to back these feelings up, they may start questioning the abilities of you and your team.

Combine that with a few months of missed targets and you and your team might have something to worry about.

But if you were to know EXACTLY what was causing the problems and could present it in a way that shows management what they have to lose… then getting them on board isn’t a lost cause.


Decisions need to be based on the facts… Not feelings.

In the Self-Assessment toolkit, I will help you get the facts so that you can build a strong case against the inefficiency of your plant.

You’ll be able to identify what makes your maintenance planning & scheduling inefficient.


Are you operating at 30% Productivity? A Wrench time of 25%? Maybe Worse?

Once you determine how effective your maintenance planning & scheduling process is, your management will know what it’s costing them and how to fix it.

Telling the management team that you want to become more efficient won’t really mean much.

But if you told them that the current maintenance team is operating at wrench times of around 30% and you can take this to a very obtainable 45%...

and by doing this you’ll save the company $750,000 per year…

Now, that’s a conversation they’d love to have.

When all stakeholders truly understand the costs of an ineffective maintenance process… you will get the support to make the necessary changes!

You’ve Now Reached A Crossroads
You Can Make One of Three Choices



You can keep showing up to the broken maintenance & scheduling system that plagues your plants’ production… making decisions on the “feeling” that things aren’t going well.

When it comes time to speak to management about the inefficiency these feelings will be all you have to support your case.



You can buy a bunch of complex and lengthy textbooks on maintenance planning & scheduling … spending hundreds of hours learning why your plant is running at suboptimal levels. Then at least you’ll have something to go off when presenting the facts to your management team. This route works, but do you really have the time energy?



You can purchase the self-assessment toolkit designed to give you an accurate diagnosis of the maintenance planning & scheduling issues in your plant. You’ll be given a step-by-step formula for identifying the problems and be able to present them to management along with the dollar figures.

Your management team will know exactly what’s going wrong and how much it’s costing them at this point... getting them to support your changes becomes a whole lot easier.

Now that you understand your options you need to make a decision.

You can hope things sort themselves out...

Study for hours trying to get a clear picture...

... or you can get the toolkit that will show you everything you need to know.

The Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Self-Assessment Tool Kit is based on over 20 years of experience in identifying waste and turning maintenance performance around in plants across the globe.

This Tool Kit is by far the easiest way to get a clear picture of your plant’s inefficiencies without needing to spend thousands of dollars on external consultants.

If you think about the costs of an inefficient plant it’s easy to see how spending thousands of dollars might make sense.

As I said, if your maintenance planning & scheduling is operating at 30% or worse then you could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

But you don’t need to throw money at these consultants to get the full picture.

The self-assessment toolkit will give you everything you need to know to get the right diagnosis yourself...and… the self-assessment toolkit won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

In fact, you can get the toolkit today for only $95 and you’ll be able to access the material inside right away!

Now if for some strange reasons $95 seems like too much to help you identify

And I want to make it even more of a no-brainer decision for you.

That’s why I’m going to shoulder all of the risk…

Satisfaction Guaranteed With A
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m 100% convinced that when you use this toolkit you will be able to determine the effectiveness of your maintenance planning & scheduling process, that you will be confident with what it’s costing your plant, and that you will be able to present this information to your leadership team in a clear way.

And you will be able to do this with zero risk.

I want you to take the next 30 days to see why this is the best $95 you could invest in your plant all year.

Use the Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Self Assessment Toolkit immediately in your plant, and you’re either completely thrilled with the clarity you have on improving your plant’s efficiency or you can send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I will simply refund you 100% of your purchase price.

online maintenance planning & scheduling course

Your Tool Kit Contains
Everything You Need

MPS self-assessment mockup

ToolKit and Course in One

The Tool Kit is not just a bunch of spreadsheets and PDFs, it comes complete with a mini-course that gives you the required background knowledge on maintenance planning & scheduling to be able to conduct an effective assessment. And of course, there are detail instructions on how to use the assessment tool and how to build an effective business case to engage your leadership. Plus you get to submit your assessments and business case for constructive feedback!

Essential Tool #1: Wrench Time Calculator

A key part of the Tool Kit is the Wrench Time Calculator that you will be using to assess your organisation's maintenance productivity. Once you've completed your review you submit it for comment before using it to build your business case.


Essential Tool #2: Self Assessment Tool

Of course, the central part of the toolkit is the Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Self-Assessment Tool. This on its own is worth more than the price of this whole toolkit. With 130+ criteria spread across 10 elements, you will be able to develop a highly accurate, fact-based and granular assessment of your current planning & scheduling performance. And once you're improving your process this becomes an excellent tool to assess how much progress you've made. I highly recommend you conduct an assessment using this tool once a year.

But wait...
you can get this totally free!

Ok... so I have saved the best till last: when you use the Tool Kit, complete the assessments and submit these the online Learning Management System I will give you a $95 discount on my premium online course Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, which means not only is there no risk... you can get this totally for free.

Still have some Questions?
Let's Answer Them

No, the toolkit is based on modules and you need to complete the modules including all the assignments sequentially. It is not a long course as Module 1 is a short introduction, Module 2 consists of 4 lessons to give you an overview of planning & scheduling basics and in Module 3 you conduct your self-assessment and build your business case.
Yes, you will have homework to do. This is an intensive course with assignments that you need to complete in your workplace and submit online. 
Your assignments will be reviewed and graded (pass/fail) by myself and/or by a specialised maintenance planning & scheduling coach.

No, unlike our longer more intensive courses there is no exam - remember this is meant as a toolkit and the video lessons are here just to help you succeed.

Support will be provided in a few ways.
First, there will be an exclusive forum accessible only to course students to ask questions about the course content. That means you get to discuss topics with fellow students but can also expect answers from myself and/or a professional maintenance planning & scheduling coach. 
Secondly, you get to submit your assignments for review and feedback which will give you constructive feedback on your work.
And third, I am only a short email or forum message away.
If you or your organisation need more support then simply get in touch. We're here to help!

You certainly do. When you have successfully completed all Course Modules, all homework assignments, all quizzes and you have passed the final (online) exam you will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion similar to the one below. 

Certificate of completion

If you purchase the 'STUDENT' edition of the course to get 3 months access only.
If you purchase the 'PROFESSIONAL' or 'CORPORATE' edition of the course you will have lifetime access to the course. And as long as the course remains available for sale online you will always have access to it including all future updates - at no extra cost!
This is why I recommend the 'PROFESSIONAL' edition as the best value option.

I offer a 30-day no questions asked, full refund policy, assuming you have not completed the course. However, once the 30 days have passed no refunds will be given.  

No! Not at all, the course will be delivered through a web-based Learning Management System, but all you need is a modern web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.

You do need a reasonably reliable internet connection, but as the course material is all pre-recorded you can choose when and where you view or listen to the course content. And on what device as you can access the course on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

You do need access to MS Excel or Google Sheets to be able to use the Wrench Time Calculator and the Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Self-Assessment Tool.

Not yet, at the moment the course is only available in English.

However, there have requests for other language versions like French, Spanish, Arabic and Italian so other language versions are planned for late 2020.

If you sign-up for the English language version and get the Professional or Corporate Edition you will have lifetime access to the course, and that will include other language versions when they become available.

P.S. Getting your Planning & Scheduling in order is really one of the most important steps you can make on the Road to Reliability™. With planning & scheduling, you create more stability in your work, increase efficiency and finally make some time for proactive maintenance activities. With this Toolkit you can get your Maintenance Planning & Scheduling performance on the right track.